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Dawn Marie Jones calls herself a creative photographer and high-end retoucher. Based in London, she is a renowned name in the photography and fashion scene. Alongside shooting amazing pictures, she is also a sustainability advocate, choosing to work with sustainable and ethical brands.

Kendra was born in a small town in Canada but decided to move to Berlin after a few visits, networking, and experiencing the city. The German capital’s clubbing scene has a big influence on her work.

Pedro is the son of a successful visual artist and has grown up around images. He fell in love with photography when he was a teenager but could only become one many years later. Now, he is an awarded professional photographer worldwide.

Jürgen and Mike did not plan to become professional travel bloggers, but the passion promptly turned into their business. In this talk, they share their journey as bloggers and their experience with unlicensed image use.

COVID19 was an unforeseen circumstance for the world, changing everything overnight. These are the three most important lessons that the quarantine times taught me about leading a team.

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

RYDE Platform

We are the one-stop solution for photographers to monitor and monetize unlicensed image use worldwide easily.

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